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Thick Floor Flake System

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Concrete DNA™ Diamond Satellite Pads

  • Makes polishing concrete super easy and FAST!
  • Many use our 30 grit for prepping a floor for stain and seals or before applying a coating
  • Diamonds on BOTH sides of pads!

Check out Concrete Surface Profiles to see what grit you need to get your job done.

Super Blue | Concentrated


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All Flakes

Quick Dry Epoxy S&P 40WB

  • quick drying primer prior to epoxy coating
  • great for an easy to apply clear sealer
  • excellent adhesion

U Epoxy It ™ | Epoxy Flow 100 - 15 Gallons


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U Epoxy It ™ | Epoxy Flow 100 - 3 Gallons


Epoxy Color Pigment

Poly 90 - 10 Gallon


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Poly 90 - 2 Gallon


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Ez Grip – optional

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