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How Long Can I Wait Between Staining and Sealing My Pool Deck?

Wait Between Staining

Question: How long can I wait between staining and sealing my pool deck? Also, what kind of sealant do you suggest? Answer: Most people like to stain and seal at the same time, although you can come back a week later and seal if you like. If you’re going to wait between staining and sealing, […]

Which Diamond Pad to Use to Etch the Surface of a Concrete Floor

Etch the surface of a concrete floor

Question: I’m looking to put a solvent based sealer on my new workshop slab that was power troweled smooth. What DNA Satellite Pad grit should I use to etch the surface prior to sealing? Answer: Our 30 grit Satellite Pad would provide great prep. These diamond impregnated concrete pads are unique because they have a […]