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How to Protect Your Polished Concrete and Increase the Shine of Your Floors

Polished Concrete Maintenance
Question: I just polished, dyed, and used polishing guard on the concrete floor in my shooting range. I have your 3000 grit maintenance pad as well. If I want to get a higher gloss, should I run that pad wet or dry in-between coats of polish guard? Answer: You just need to make sure your [...]

Can a Propane Burnisher Be Used to Polish Concrete Floors?

Propane Burnisher

Question: Can I run diamond satellite pads on a propane burnisher to polish my concrete floor? Answer: Many of our customers like using a propane burnisher to polish their floor.  They provide an extremely efficient way of polishing. In fact, many big box type stores utilize these machines to polish with.   Run our satellite […]

Transitioning from Metals to Resins

metal resin concrete

Question: What is a good way to transition from metals to resins when polishing concrete? Answer: This refers to a more traditional way of polishing concrete floors where you start with a metal and transition into resin bonded diamond.   Many polishers have trouble getting the scratches out of the floor they put into it […]

Can I Add More Dye to My Concrete Floor?

super solve for dye

Question: Can I add more dye to my floor after I have polished the floor up to 800? I want a little more color in the floor. Answer: Our “Super Solve” product is a carrier for our polished concrete dyes (many use acetone too).  The Super Solve product is a blend of solvents that allows […]