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Should Diamond Floor Polishing Pads Be Ran Wet or Dry?

floor polishing pads

Question: How do you lubricate the DNA Satellite Pads and Double Sided Concrete Floor Polishing Pads when polishing concrete floors? Answer: It is preferred to use water for pad lubrication. However, you can run the pads either wet or dry, depending on the situation. If you run it dry, a dustless vacuum is a must-have! […]

Using Diamond Satellite Pads to Easily Polish Concrete

DNA Satellite Pads

Why use Concrete DNA Diamond Satellite Pads when you can choose others? Our Concrete DNA™ Satellite Pads are professional grade diamond impregnated pads that can be used dry or wet to polish concrete floors….most use them wet. They are available in 14″, 16″, 17″, 20″ and 27″ diameters and a range from 30-1500 grits. These […]

How To Ensure Your Concrete Floor is Smooth Enough to Seal

Ensure Your Concrete Floor is Smooth Enough to Seal

Question: My new shop floor is fairly smooth but not smooth enough to seal. I don’t need a high shine, just smooth enough to seal so when I spill oil or grease on the floor, I can clean it up. I am thinking 400 or 800 grit will be my endpoint. There are 2100 square […]

Concrete Polishing Prep for Corners


Question: When polishing concrete, how do I prep the edges or corners of my floor? Use: 4” polishing pads with a variable speed hand grinder for the edges. 3” triangle polishing pads with an oscillating multi tool. the center of the satellite pad to clean it up from the eye. Always polish the edges in the […]

How to rehab a large concrete floor and not spend as much as tearout and replace.

warehouse floor restoration methods

Many clients have come to us lately and simply want to rehab their concrete floor in their warehouse facility and not pay to have the whole thing town out and replaced.  I get it.  Luckily we have been helping clients with an effective rehab solution for this. Often times that answer is polished concrete.  I’m […]