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How Do You Fix an Acid Stain That’s To Dark?

stain that's too dark

Question: Hello. Using your Cola Acid Stain on an outdoor patio for a customer and the sample patch was a little dark for their liking. To get a lighter shade should I wash the stain off earlier to stop the reaction, put it on damp concrete, or dilute the stain before applying? Thanks for your time. […]

How To Choose Your Interior Acid Stain System

acid interior stain

Question: Hello, we have a concrete floor that we’d like to try an acid stain system on. It’s for a rec. room, pool table, home theater, etc., not brightly lit at most times. Looking at a reactive acid stain, probably reddish-brown, that would make a marble effect, with glossy sealant. I was wondering if sanding […]

Why is acid stain for concrete a different color in the bottle that what i want the floor to stain?

Frequently Asked Questions About Acid Stain I purchased acid stain for concrete and the liquid looks different in the bottle than what I want my floor to look like. I purchased “English Red acid stain” and it is a pale green color in the bottle. Is this right? Expert Answer: Great Question. Acid stains are […]

Acid Stain

how to acid stain concrete

The Concrete Floor Supply “Acid Stain System” is a proven method to stain an ordinary concrete slab into a luxurious looking floor for a fraction of the costs.  The single component, acid based stain chemically bonds with the concrete to form various colors.  Our proven system involves easy to follow instructions to help you prepare, […]