We specialize in concrete floor prep (grinding) and concrete polishing equipment in the Kansas City Metro and beyond.  We have the ability to deliver machines and can deliver within 4 hours of Kansas City.  We have concrete floor machines to rent by the day, week, or buy.

We have various machines for concrete flooring job requirements.  The best thing about renting from Concrete Floor Supply is that we have actual flooring experience.  Many rental stores have never done a floor and rent all kinds of things…lawn seeders, scissor lifts, even snow cone machines.  NOT US.  Our supply store specializes only in interior concrete floors and has experience that will help your project go in the right direction.  We have saved customers time and money and helped them to achieve a final end product utilizing our flooring experience and knowledge.

Our U-Polish-It systems, particularly our ‘level 2’ polishing system, has been a very successful concrete polishing system which we developed so ANYBODY can polish their concrete floors and achieve professional looking results.  This system utilizes our propane burnishers with a water tank and our tornado satellite concrete polishing pads.

For prep we have various sized machines depending on how quick the floor needs prepped and accessibility.  We have great experience in helping our clients choose the correct diamond tool that will help them remove glue, prep for coatings, clean off paint, ect.

If your looking for a concrete floor machine to buy we have both used and new models available