#1: Level 1 OR 2 POLISH

A mezzanine is a larger area that you want to keep simple, but you want it easier to clean. If you leave your concrete ‘naked’ it will gather dirt, absorb pop spills and be very difficult to scrub clean. Our Polish Systems (level 1 and 2) that utilize our Concrete DNA diamond pads increase the sheen, tighten the floor, make it harder and more resistant to liquid attacks. Its much easier to clean and a simple installation that utilizes equipment such as buffers and autoscrubbers that most at these facilities have readily available.


For the ultimate protection from all of the pop and beer spills on the mezzanine a good option is our Water Based Clear System. This system goes beyond typical single component sealers. Both coats are two components for added durability. The final coat is a urethane for great protection and wear.