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Sealing is the area of concrete finishing that is extremely necessary to do, and yet can be easily overlooked.


And it’s necessary not only from the perspective that it gives your concrete a nice finish – there are long term economic benefits as well.


It’s pretty easy to do, and is definitely a concrete finishing skill you can learn pretty easily. So today we want to walk you through, step by step, on how to seal your concrete.

How To Seal Concrete – A Step By Step Guide


Take a slab of concrete like the one in the 2nd video above, for example. Here we finished the area in order to protect it from the adverse weather conditions the Midwest can bring (although this isn’t only a Midwest problem).


If you have’t watched it already, you should definitely watch the video above. Because the difference between the concrete area that has seal applied and one that doesn’t is extremely significant. 


The area with the the EZ Seal applied makes the rain bead and keeps it from soaking into the concrete itself. When it comes to winter, this is incredibly helpful because water soaked into the concrete is going to freeze, causing it to crack (see more about concrete protecting products if this is something that interests you).


Now, that sealer costs about $40 from our shop (you can get the sealer here) but replacing concrete could cost you a couple thousand dollars.


And that’s not even including the cost of your time. Consider the expression “time is money” before you continue reading.


A new concrete project could take weeks to finish, depending on the contractor you use and their availability.


But as you’re about to see, sealing concrete literally takes only a couple of minutes. So compare that to spending weeks of your life replacing a section of your walkway. This is a no brainer.

Walk Through Of Sealing Concrete


Again, this is incredibly easy to do.


1) Get your preferred concrete sealer (the video uses EZ Seal) – note if you’re using this for an outside piece of concrete to winterize it you’ll want to use something like EZ Shield which is more applicable to sealing concrete against adverse weather conditions

2) Get a 3/8 inch roller – if you don’t already have one you can get it here

3) Apply the sealer to your roller

4) Now, roll over the area in question in a nice and even fashion. Try not to let it pool up. See the video to get a good idea about how to apply correctly.

5) Finally, let it dry for about 24 hours.


Now another thing we want to note here is how this is going to look when applied to a slab of stained concrete. For that, see the video below:


This comes from our walkthrough on how to acid stain concrete. Which is a great next set of videos to watch.


This video is important because it shows the effect the seal has on the final product of staining your concrete.


And if you are sealing as part of a bigger project of staining a floor, check out our full Acid Stain System which includes everything you need to stain concrete, included in a box.


Any questions? Drop them below. Also comment with your favorite acid stain projects!

EZ Seal

These videos use EZ Seal, which you can find at the link below.
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Sealing Concrete Floors
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