Remove Rust Stains From Concrete

About This Project

One of the more common problems you will run into when dealing with concrete – Rust Stains.


You know the eye sores we’re talking about, yeah? Those tacky looking spots of color that dot your floors after a brief passage of time can be irritating.


Not to mention, a lot of people are convinced they have to use Muriatic Acid to remove them, which is a chemical that could potentially be harmful to your skin or eyes.


Well we actually ran into the same problem outside out shop not too long ago. So we decided to test out our Super Blue cleaner, which is free from those nasty side effects.


Not to mention, it makes it simple to remove the rust, just follow these three steps:


1) Pour a generous amount of Super Blue on the affected area

2) Let sit for 30 – 60  seconds (watch it go to work already)

3) Scrub with a simple floor scrubber (if needed)

4) Rinse off with water


You might need to do a little extra scrubbing at the end, but the majority of the rust should be taken off.

Super Blue

This video uses Super Blue Concrete Cleaner, which you can find at the link below.
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