Polishing Concrete Floors

About This Project

We often get a lot of questions about all the components you need to polish concrete, so we built a kit that features it all. The theory is to provide everything you need to polish a 1000 square concrete floor in one box.


But if you’re not necessarily wanting to buy a pre-built kit like this, you can look at what we feature in ours so you can get a good understanding about what to put in your own.


Features of a Concrete Polishing Kit


1) Diamond concrete buffing pads – 7 pads in total, 6 diamond pads then one buff pad. You use the 6 Diamond pads in order based on grit, then use the buff pad at the end.


What’s great about the Diamond pads is you don’t have to use a big grinder. In fact, you can use the Diamond pads with any low speed buffer that you can pick up at a big box store.


2) Densifier – this goes in during your polishing process about halfway through your grit progression. It absorbs into the pores of your concrete and activates with the concrete to further the hardening process and makes it a harder and denser floor.


3) Polish Guard – this is a floor protectant. It gives the floor a good sheen and adds protection to the floor.


4) Optional Tool Kit – features a double foam squeegee, a pump sprayer (needed to spray on the densifier and polish guard), commercial grade microfiber handle & microfibers to go with it.


The microfibers are used to spread the densifier and polish guard after you use the pump sprayer.


Watch the videos for a full demonstration. The second video is a great representation of how to use the pads to begin to clean the floor with the Diamond Pads.

Concrete Polishing Kit

These videos use our U-Polish-It Kit, which you can find at the link below.
Get Concrete Polishing Kit

Concrete Pads

These videos also use our Concrete DNA Diamond Pads, which you can find at the link below.
Get Diamond Pads

Polishing Concrete
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