Polishing Concrete Floors – Basic Concepts

About This Project

Polishing concrete is a mechanical process – and at the end of the day all you are trying to do is get a concrete surface to shine.


How we can do this is through the use of diamond tooling. Diamond tooling is by far the most effective way to get that surface just the way you want it.


Now, the easiest surface to shine is a flat surface, but a microscopic level even a flat surface isn’t that flat. In fact, it’s filled with all these tiny little peaks and valleys.


And these peaks and valleys effect how the light is being reflected. This almost does the opposite effect of what you are wanting for a shiny concrete floor.


So – our goal is to shave these little peaks and valleys. This will smooth out the concrete, thus providing you with that sleek and shiny look you are trying to get.

Concrete DNA Diamond Satellite Pads

These videos use our Concrete DNA Diamond Pads, which you can find at the link below.
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Polishing Concrete
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