How To Stain Concrete

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Staining concrete can turn your basement into a really cool looking space to host friends and family. Or it could add an extremely profitable line of business to your contracting company.


Either way, it is a great skill to learn, and in these videos, we want to show you how to do it like a pro every time.


The Three Steps To Staining Concrete Correctly


1) Prepare the area (Video 1)


In this step, we are getting our area ready to stain. Be sure to keep the following in mind:


-You want to make sure you are getting all the dirt or dust or any kind of stain out of your area, as these will harm the finish


-Use a product like Citra Pro to get all the grease out of the floor as well.


-Super Blue (same product used on rust stains) is great for opening up the pores.


-Diamond pads we use (30 or 50 grit) to buff the floor


-What you are doing is both deep cleaning the floor and profiling it.


-It’s also important to not use muriatic acid because it will consume the same thing that the acid stain needs to react with the floor.


2) Apply the acid stain


Take a quick note here – you want to be sure you used a 30-50 grit pad when buffing in the previous step. As you can see in the video (watch   above if you haven’t already), these results you can see etched in the concrete. The scratch pattern you see is going to be very helpful when absorbing the sealer.


Now we suggest marking off an area with tape and doing a sample color in that area. Whether you’re doing this for yourself or for your client, it’s good to see the color on the floor before doing anything else.


Then just put the acid stain of your choice into your pump sprayer. Use your sprayer to go over the entire area and cover it.


3) Seal the area


Make sure the area is dry before you do any of the steps in this part of the project.


-First you want to clean off the residue. You can use our EZ Clean cleaner, mix it with water then pour over the area. Then just use a broom to work off the excess residue and squeegee it.


-Now you want to get a roller and saturate it in the sealer, Aqua Klear Koat is a good water-based sealer and the one we use in the video.


-Finally go over your area with the roller. You want to apply around 2-3 coats of your sealer.


When applying the roller, just let the roller cover do it’s thing, pressure isn’t necessary.

Concrete Staining Kit

This video uses a lot of the products we put in our concrete staining kit, which you can find at the link below.
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Staining Concrete
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