How To Stain A Pool Deck In 3 Easy Steps

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A customer comes in the other day and asks us a pretty unique question, which describes about 95% of the questions we get.


As it turns out, our industry is pretty diverse in the types of ways you can apply our processes. People are pretty interested in staining just about anything they can.


And can you blame them? Look how sleek you can make your floors look:


This is an actual picture from a customer of our right after they got done with their stain job.


The best part about this is that it is a skill you can learn, and learn to do very well. And once you learn it, you can apply it just about anywhere.


So let’s take a look at a question one of our customers asked us about applying stain to a pool deck, and whether this is a good application of the stain system.

Is Acid Stain Good For A Pool Deck?


Here is a copy of the question:


“I used your product on a garage and liked it very much. I have a pool deck I was considering staining. Wanted to order a test kit and see how some colors might work. Want something light / – like your wheat or light blue grey or slightly red. 


So wanted to inquire on whether your acid stain would be good for a pool deck. Also see if I could get the colors for a test kit. Thanks. – Tom”


Great question! The answer is: yes absolutely you can stain a pool deck.


And if you’re like Tom, meaning you’ve already stained a garage and have an idea as to what you’re doing, you will find this process to be pretty straightforward.


So let’s go through the steps of staining not only concrete, but a pool deck specifically. For more clarification, you can see the video above.


How To Stain A Pool Deck In 3 Easy Steps


1) Prep


First things first, we want to make sure we get the area free of any glues, sealers, or anything that might adversely affect the finished stain. All of this residue on the ground could hurt the appearance of your finished product.


Powerwashing is great way to clean it off, and the way we highly recommend you approach cleaning your concrete. You can also add a light application of our Super Blue concrete cleaner. Citra Pro is also really good for getting grease off.


2) Stain


You’re going to stain the concrete in the same way you would stain for an inside job. In fact, we did a complete walk through of this in our video series of How To Stain Concrete.


You can also watch this in the second video up above.


Put your Acid Stain of choice in the pump sprayer and spray thoroughly over the area. Then go over it with a squeegee and rinse the residue of the stain from the area.


Before you buy any though, you should definitely check out an Acid Stain Testing Kit to see what colors work best for your area.


3) Seal


Now you are going to let the stain dry, then take a broom and brush off all the residue. You should be left with a different colored slab of concrete.


It won’t look exactly like the color you are wanting it, but when you apply your sealer it will reflect that (see video above for an example of this).


For sealing stained concrete outside, we have a couple of different recommendations:


Crete Seal Plus EXT – probably the best for pool decks. It’s a Siloxane MMA, which waterproofs the sealer, making it perfect for outdoors.


Crete Seal Gloss – a little less per gallon than the above. Not as much durability, but it’s still UV resistant, and still a more highly durable compared to other acrylics out there.


Watch the videos and let us know what you think! Thanks for reading.

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