How To Fill Saw Cuts & Joints On Concrete Floors -The Right Way

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When it comes to concrete finishing, if you have a choice between a high quality job that costs more vs one that costs a bit less but isn’t as high quality – always choose quality.


After being contractors then being in the supply business of concrete finishing for 15+ years, we’ve pretty much seen it all. And quality saves you money in the long run.


Like thousands of dollars.


A great example of this is how you will joints on your floor correctly, meaning what kind of material you use.


Watch the first video, at least for the first minute. Look at how soft the material we pulled out of the floor is!


That’s not going to hold up with forklifts and other machinery going over it. I’d be surprised if it help up to foot traffic!


You can do better than that, and you should use a product more like Instant Medic which is going to make a finish that will hold up to those types of strains. See the 2nd video for an example of how this product looks when it’s finished.


How To Remove Joint Filler


This is a lot easier than what you might think.


First step – go through the crack with a knife and cut along the edges. 


This is going to loosen up the edges and make it easier to remove the filled in material when you’re done. Piece of cake.


Second Step – use a screw driver to pull up the material out of the crack.


Again, very easy to do, and made even easier if you already loosened the material.


Third and Crucial Step – go through with a saw and remove excess material from the area. 


See the third video for a quick example of what we are doing with this. You want to make sure you get all of the excess material out of the cracks. This is going to be important when you apply the Instant Medic.


Fourth and Final Step – apply Instant Medic 


See the second video again. This is extremely easy to do, so easy in fact a 7 year old can do it (don’t believe me? Just watch the video).


If you follow these steps correctly, you will be left with a very stable and sturdy filler in the cracks of your concrete floors. This is going to make a system for you that will last a long time.


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Instant Medic Concrete Filler

These videos uses our Instant Medic to fill in the joints in the video. You can find this at the link below.
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