Applying Flake To Epoxy Coating

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Applying epoxy flake is probably one of the easiest things you will do.


To give you an idea about what a 100% broadcasted flake looks like, see the picture below:



By 100% broadcasted we mean that the flakes cover 100% of the floor.


Today we want to go over how to apply the flake to your floor so you get a full 100% broadcast floor the next time you want to do so on Epoxy.


This is, by the way, assuming you already have an are covered with Epoxy. We are not covering that in this tutorial, but you can look at it on our applying epoxy tutorial and drop a comment with any questions.


Step 1: How much do you need?


For a full broadcast, you need 12% in pounds of epoxy flake (sometimes called ‘chips’)of the total square footage  of the area you are broadcasting.


So to make that simpler, let’s just look at an equation (used in the video above as well):


If you have a 1,000 square foot area of epoxy, you will need 12% of 1,000 in pounds of epoxy flake. This equals 120 pounds. For those of you who like to see the math, the equation:


0.12 * x sqft = y lbs


Where x = total square feet of the area covered and y = number of pounds of flake you need –

Will yield:


0.12 * 1,000 sqft = 120 lbs


For a standard 1,000 Square Foot space. Simple math, nothing more complicated.


Now, for the part most people make trickier than it needs to be:


Step 2: Applying the fake


Get your bucket of Flake and your spiked shoes and get ready to go to work. You are going to be walking on top of the epoxy, but with your spiked shoes of course.


The general theory when spreading flake is to start high, and then end low. You’ll start at about 10-15 ft broadcast in length, and then gradually work your way closer as you lower your flake spread.


Your first broadcast is high as in high up in the air, and 10-15 ft from where you started. The second broadcast is lower, about halfway between the first broadcast and level with the floor. Make sure you do the entire floor for both of the broadasts.


The first two broadcasts you are looking to spread the flake evenly across the floor.


The third broadcast, go for level with the floor. The next two, you want to go lower than that proportionally.


The third broadcast (the level with the floor) you are looking to fill in the floor, and then the last two you want to fill in the gaps.


And by fill in the gaps I mean you want to look for wet spots you probably missed. When you’re done, look at your floor and check for dips and other areas you need to do a touch up.


So the process goes:


  • First Broadcast – high up in the air, even spread across the floor
  • Second Broadcast – between the first broadcast and even with the floor, even spread as well
  • Third Broadcast – level with the floor, begin to fill in
  • Fourth Broadcast – below level and the fifth broadcast, fill in the gaps
  • Fifth Broadcast – low to the floor, fill in the gaps as well


Don’t worry about covering 100% of the floor at 1 time, you are going to do multiple broadcasts until you get 100% coverage.


Of course, all of this is sold in our epoxy flake system for concrete which is the most cost effective Epoxy In A Box system on the market.


Any questions? Leave them below! We’d love to help.

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