Applying Epoxy To A Garage Floor

About This Project

Epoxy is by far the most difficult product to apply to the floor and make it look the way you want it to. This is not to say you can’t do it, but it takes skill and, most importantly, the right knowledge.


So we wanted to create some walk-throughs and examples on how to properly apply epoxy to a garage floor. The garage is just an example, because that’s what most people apply Epoxy to, but you can use this process for whatever.


How To Apply Epoxy To A Garage Floor


Video 1: Application Theory


  • Set up your mixing station outside of your work area. This is going to help your area stay focused on the application part and avoid any unnecessary crossover between the mixing part of the process and the actual applying part.


  • Start in the center about 6 inches out from the wall, and pour ribbon starting at the center and out and down around the wall.


  • Put your spiked shoes on and go along the edge of the ribbon with just a cheap little paint brush and going along the edge to cut in the epoxy


  • Now one of the crew goes up and down the floor with the notched squeegee and spread out the Epoxy over the entire floor. Repeat until your floor is completely laid out


  • Now go back through and do some up and backs with a roller.


Video 2: Prepping The Floor


  • For Epoxy to grab properly you want to profile the floor. We use grinders to profile primarily.


  • If you watch the video, you’ll see the scratch patter you want to aim for when grinding. This allows the Epoxy to really lock into the floor.


  • Things that the grinder can’t get close to you should use a hand grinder to get closer.


Video 3: Broadcasting Flakes


  • Don’t aim to get 100% of the floor at one time, you are going to make multiple passes until you get just over 100% of the floor.


  • We call this “Feeding The Chickens” and if you watch the video, this will be very apparent why!
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