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What if you could say goodbye to the days where you need to break the bank to get a finishing job on your concrete?


Well, with the right products and right knowledge, you could save literally thousands of dollars.


So we set out to educate and provide the tools you need to make that floor look like you want it to.


With the Concrete Glue Removal System, you pick what you need for your specific project, order exactly the right quantity of exactly the right product you need and then get step by step instructions on how to apply it.


Contractors, business owners, homeowners, whoever you are, you’ll get a straightforward way to get the job done.

These are the products you need to remove glue and paint from concrete. 

concrete polishing pads kansas city

Satellite pads are required to get the Concrete Surface Profile needed to get the sheen you want.

Luckily, we provide the package pre-built with the grits you will need to get the CSP necessary for your polish job.

Snot is a coating remover that is biodegradable, very user-friendly and environmentally safe. It is highly effective in removing even the toughest and most durable industrial coatings

black pad concrete

Remove old floor finishes, dirt and buildup quickly and thoroughly. The black pad is designed as an open web so that any stripping solution can flow through the pad to rinse out dirt and reduce loading for increased pad to floor contact for more efficient stripping.

17 inch red buff pad

Used for routine spray cleaning of protected floors. These red pad cleans when damp and buffs when dry. It is also suitable for light scrubbing. Great cleaning pad for concrete floors.

polished concrete floor cleaner

Ez Clean is a pH neutral polished concrete floor cleaner specifically formulated for using on highly polished floors without attacking the gloss of the floor.


For general use, add 1 to 4 oz. of neutral cleaner to one gallon of water depending on the degree of the dirt to be removed.

Step 1 – Prep the floor

  • Apply a liberal amount of Snot on the floor and allow it to dwell. (at least 15 minutes)
  • Scrape the floor using a scraping tool to remove as much topical glue and/or paint as possible.






Step 2

  • Completely wet the floor with water.
  • Use a black pad on the floor underneath a low speed buffer, propane burnisher or auto scrubber.
  • Squeegee and wet vac dirty water from the floor before it dries.
    • Try and get up as much of the contaminate as possible with the black pad.
    • Spot treat any areas with Pine Stripper that are troublesome before running the Concrete DNA™ Diamond Satellite Pad
  • Switch to the (30 grit) Concrete DNA™ Diamond Satellite Pad and repeat the following:
    • Completely Wet the Floor
    • Use the Concrete DNA™ Diamond Satellite Pad underneath a low speed buffer, propane burnisher or auto scrubber.
    • Squeegee and wet vac dirty water from the floor before it dries.



Step 3

  • Run the red pad with plenty of water mixed with the diluted Ez Clean to clean and lift the remaining dirty from the floor.
  • Squeegee and Vac dirty water from the floor before it dries.
    • Let your floor dry the necessary amount of time before applying you sealer or coating.

In addition to the step by step instructions, use the videos below to make sure you get the finish you want the first time you go through.

How to add pads to a low speed floor buffer

Concrete surface profiles needed

Surface prep for concrete floor coatings

Easy Prep for a concrete floor prior to staining and sealing

Glue & Paint Removal System

Concrete finishing jobs are relative to the job, and no two jobs are the same! Use the information provided above to select the products you need, then select “Add To Cart” and get everything you need for a Concrete Glue Removal job shipped to your front door.

Concrete DNA™ Diamond Satellite Pads


  • Makes polishing concrete super easy and FAST!
  • Many use our 30 grit for prepping a floor for stain and seals or before applying a coating

Check out Concrete Surface Profiles to see what grit you need to get your job done.


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