Concrete DNA™ Diamond Satellite Pads


  • Makes polishing concrete super easy and FAST!
  • Many use our 30 grit for prepping a floor for stain and seals or before applying a coating

Check out Concrete Surface Profiles to see what grit you need to get your job done.


Concrete DNA™ Diamond Satellite Pads are professional grade diamond impregnated pads that can be used dry or wet. They are available in 16″, 20″ and 27″ diameters and a range from 30-1500 grits. These pads will open the surface of flat concrete and hone the surface to properly accept a densifier/hardener and continue to hone and polish to 1500 grit.

These diamond impregnated concrete polishing pads are unique in the fact that they have a diamond resin material blown onto both sides of the pads.  The also have diamond dots (satellites) that allow for a superior flat cut that no other pad can do.  Many customers find that on new concrete floors all they need to get a professional polish job is to use our pads….no big grinder.  In fact, our level 2 concrete polish system, was designed to mimic the owner of concrete floor supply’s experience while consulting with Wal-mart and Sam’s club.  On new floors they use an 800, densify, 1500, all wet.  They then buff with our 3000 grit(Concrete DNA™ Double Sided Diamond Pads).

  • Grits (30-50) are ideal for quick preparation for coatings and overlays. We consider these our prep pads
  • 50 grit is excellent at removing scratches from grinding and transition into polishing
  • 100 grit is a great grit to start an older floor
  • 200 grit is a concrete ‘honing’ pad.  It is also a great pad to start floors in decent shape for polishing
  • 400 grit is what many of our customers use to start polishing if the floor has been power troweled.  It is also a good grit to revitalize a severely worn polished concrete floor
  • 800 grit is an eye popping polishing step.  It can also be used under an auto scrubber to deep clean dirty hard troweled floor.  Use it with our “special soap” to polish concrete
  • 1500 grit is a the final polishing step.  All of our pads are recommended to be used fully wet except the 1500 grit.  This pad can be use for dry burnishing polished concrete.  It can also be used for periodic cleaning of polished concrete floor.

The pad can be flipped over and used for cleaning or burnishing. There are diamonds on BOTH sides!


Question: We just poured a shop floor and want to polish it. We used a power trowel and got a decent finish…not perfect and want to polish the floor. What pad do I start with?

Answer: This is a question we get often and there is not “one answer” other than the better the finish the higher you can start in terms of grit. I would not recommend starting at higher than a 400 grit from what was described. Polishing a concrete floor is somewhat like building a house…you have to have a good foundation. Our level 1 polish kit starts out with a 400 and the level 2 kit starts with a 50 grit pad. If you start lower and you’ll most often have a better floor (foundation). Most power troweled floors can be started at a 200 or 400 grit depending on the amount of trowel marks. In terms of cost…it doesn’t cost that much to start a grit lower and work up from there. Your already ‘there’ and with these pads and systems the polishing process is exponentially faster than traditional polishing so there is not a huge time obligation in doing another grit.

Question: What do I do to prepare my concrete floor for a concrete stain?
Answer: Preparing your concrete is the most important part of a ‘concrete stain and seal’ project. We have seen floors prepared with diamond tooling perform much better than floors that are simply ‘cleaned’. The right grit to use for satellite pads is typically our 30 grit satellite pad. This pad deeply cleans the concrete and most importantly LEAVES THE PROPER PROFILE FOR THE SEALER. Without the proper profile the sealer will peal like skin. Our satellite pads are made to achieve the profile needed.

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Additional Information

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