Your everyday outside concrete is everywhere...most of it unsealed and susceptible to damage from the elements. Concrete is a porous substance and will absorb water. When water freezes it expands and thus pop outs and cracking can occur. Our Sustain product adds an invisible treatment to concrete making the surface bead water to protect your surface. This is a simple application that should be done to every piece of outside concrete to protect it from the elements and make it easier to clean in general.


Most simply want to protect their concrete. Broom finished outside concrete like driveways and sidewalks are everywhere. All too often these surfaces go unprotected and costly tear out and replacement happens all too quickly. Did you know that concrete is one of the most consumed materials on earth besides water. If we could extend the lifespan of it, just think of the impact. Guess what, you can! Our Sustain product is a protection for concrete that soaks into the top portion of concrete, is invisible and adds great protection. Water and other chemicals bead upon the surface which protects the concrete from extreme damage from freeze thaw cycles. This product is super easy to apply, just power wash the concrete clean. Spray on Sustain and walk away. Sustain doesn’t form a topical layer so there is nothing that can peal from the surface. After time if you feel that you need to refresh the hydrophobic attributes of Sustain, just clean and spray on another coat. Extend the life of you concrete with Sustain.