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Our Metallic Pigments are composed of a fine powder that is composed of Mica and Iron Oxide. These pigments create pearlescent and iridescent effects that mimic the natural look of stone and rock formations. These unique pigments are designed to be blended with 100% Solids Clear epoxy such as our Epoxy Flow 100 (check out our ‘slow’ version for oodles of work time on the floor). Metallic coatings are incredibly popular. They offer the unique design of a stained floor, yet give the durability of an epoxy floor. From retail establishments, nightclubs, showrooms to residential interiors and garage floors.There are four basic steps how to Metallic Epoxy floor: 1.) prep 2.) prime coat 3.) metallic coat 4.) clear coat. This system will help you create great Metallic Epoxy floors.

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