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Should Diamond Floor Polishing Pads Be Ran Wet or Dry?

floor polishing pads

Question: How do you lubricate the DNA Satellite Pads and Double Sided Concrete Floor Polishing Pads when polishing concrete floors? Answer: It is preferred to use water for pad lubrication. However, you can run the pads either wet or dry, depending on the situation. If you run it dry, a dustless vacuum is a must-have! […]

How to Use a Crack Repair Product Prior to Coating Your Concrete

Crack Repair Product

Question: How do I use a crack repair product prior to coating my concrete floor? Answer: In this video we demonstrate our method in repairing concrete using our Instant Medic – Hard Product. Mix the Instant Medic – Hard product together. This product dries very hard and fast! First you’ll want to prep the crack […]

How To Open The Pores in Concrete Floors

citra peel sealer remover to open the pores

Question: Will your Diamond Pads remove concrete sealer so that I can stain? Also, the finisher burned some areas with a power trowel. Will the pad open the pores for stain? Answer: Firstly, If it’s an acrylic cure and sealer that you’re wanting to remove, use our Citra Peel and a Black Pad. Then, prep […]

DNA Satellites Pads for Profiling Concrete Floors

DNA Satellite Pads

Question: When using the 30/50 grit DNA Satellite Diamond Pads, will the profile be enough to accepts a solid color coating? A thin mill type? Answer: You’ll have to check with the manufacturer in regards to the profile they recommend. Our 30 grit Satellites Pads deep clean and put a nice hairline profile in the […]

Which Diamond Pad to Use to Etch the Surface of a Concrete Floor

Etch the surface of a concrete floor

Question: I’m looking to put a solvent based sealer on my new workshop slab that was power troweled smooth. What DNA Satellite Pad grit should I use to etch the surface prior to sealing? Answer: Our 30 grit Satellite Pad would provide great prep. These diamond impregnated concrete pads are unique because they have a […]

Skipping Grits to Polish Concrete

Diamond Pads to Polish Concrete

Question: Can I skip grits when I polishing concrete? Answer: It is not advised to “skip” grits. You are not removing the last profile you put into the floor with the diamond pad. Grits steps should not be more than double the last grits value. For instance, if you are using a 50 grit, your […]

How Do You Know You’ve Used Enough of a diamond pad grit when polishing concrete floors?

Satellite Pads for concrete floors

Question: How do you know when you have done enough work on each grit when polishing with the satellite pads Answer: You want to make sure and run the pads slow with water so each grit is processing the floor to its maximum ability. This is typically a visual aspect that our customers pick up […]

Remove Deep Scratches From A Concrete Floor

Remove scratches from concrete floor

Question: What is the best way to remove deep scratches from my concrete floor before I seal or stain the floor? I used a Diamabrush tool and it left deep gouges in my floor. Answer: You would want to remove these deep, fork like, scratches from your floor before sealing it or applying a stain […]