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How To Choose Your Interior Acid Stain System

acid interior stain

Question: Hello, we have a concrete floor that we’d like to try an acid stain system on. It’s for a rec. room, pool table, home theater, etc., not brightly lit at most times. Looking at a reactive acid stain, probably reddish-brown, that would make a marble effect, with glossy sealant. I was wondering if sanding […]

How To Ensure Your Concrete Floor is Smooth Enough to Seal

Ensure Your Concrete Floor is Smooth Enough to Seal

Question: My new shop floor is fairly smooth but not smooth enough to seal. I don’t need a high shine, just smooth enough to seal so when I spill oil or grease on the floor, I can clean it up. I am thinking 400 or 800 grit will be my endpoint. There are 2100 square […]

How Long Can I Wait Between Staining and Sealing My Pool Deck?

Wait Between Staining

Question: How long can I wait between staining and sealing my pool deck? Also, what kind of sealant do you suggest? Answer: Most people like to stain and seal at the same time, although you can come back a week later and seal if you like. If you’re going to wait between staining and sealing, […]

How To Open The Pores in Concrete Floors

citra peel sealer remover to open the pores

Question: Will your Diamond Pads remove concrete sealer so that I can stain? Also, the finisher burned some areas with a power trowel. Will the pad open the pores for stain? Answer: Firstly, If it’s an acrylic cure and sealer that you’re wanting to remove, use our Citra Peel and a Black Pad. Then, prep […]

Which Diamond Pad to Use to Etch the Surface of a Concrete Floor

Etch the surface of a concrete floor

Question: I’m looking to put a solvent based sealer on my new workshop slab that was power troweled smooth. What DNA Satellite Pad grit should I use to etch the surface prior to sealing? Answer: Our 30 grit Satellite Pad would provide great prep. These diamond impregnated concrete pads are unique because they have a […]

Best sealer and protector for a concrete driveway?

concrete sealer

What’s the best sealer and protector for a concrete driveway? EZ Shield is a great sealer and protectant for concrete driveways. It doesn’t change the color of the concrete and makes liquids bead on the surface. When applying EZ Shield, be sure the temperature is above freezing. Give your concrete a good power washing to […]