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How To Choose Your Interior Acid Stain System

acid interior stain

Question: Hello, we have a concrete floor that we’d like to try an acid stain system on. It’s for a rec. room, pool table, home theater, etc., not brightly lit at most times. Looking at a reactive acid stain, probably reddish-brown, that would make a marble effect, with glossy sealant. I was wondering if sanding […]

Should Diamond Floor Polishing Pads Be Ran Wet or Dry?

floor polishing pads

Question: How do you lubricate the DNA Satellite Pads and Double Sided Concrete Floor Polishing Pads when polishing concrete floors? Answer: It is preferred to use water for pad lubrication. However, you can run the pads either wet or dry, depending on the situation. If you run it dry, a dustless vacuum is a must-have! […]

How to Protect Your Polished Concrete and Increase the Shine of Your Floors

Polished Concrete Maintenance
Question: I just polished, dyed, and used polishing guard on the concrete floor in my shooting range. I have your 3000 grit maintenance pad as well. If I want to get a higher gloss, should I run that pad wet or dry in-between coats of polish guard? Answer: You just need to make sure your [...]

Using Diamond Satellite Pads to Easily Polish Concrete

DNA Satellite Pads

Why use Concrete DNA Diamond Satellite Pads when you can choose others? Our Concrete DNA™ Satellite Pads are professional grade diamond impregnated pads that can be used dry or wet to polish concrete floors….most use them wet. They are available in 14″, 16″, 17″, 20″ and 27″ diameters and a range from 30-1500 grits. These […]

What Product Removes Concrete Floor Scratches?

concrete floor products to remove floor scratches

Question: What product can I use to remove concrete floor scratches and leave my floors with a shine finish? Answer: Our DNA cleaner helps to clean the floor. You may combine this cleaner with our Diamond Satellite pads for a deep cleaning while also helping with scratches and sheen maintenance over time. Secondly, if your […]

Moisture Vapor Barrier – Can You Tint It?

Moisture Vapor Barrier

Question: Can you tint M.V.B. (Moisture Vapor Barrier)? Answer: Yes, the Moisture Vapor Barrier is tintable, but we don’t promote this practice as it could affect the MVB’s ability to block moisture coming up through your floor. We do have people that choose to tint this product at their own discretion. Want to keep updated […]

Tinted Concrete – Is Super Blue Safe to Use?

tinted concrete

Question: Can I use Super Blue on my tinted concrete? Answer: Super Blue is a heavy duty cleaner that deep cleans concrete surfaces. Our customers enjoy using this product on all sorts of unsealed concrete as a cleansing method. Concrete that’s is tinted or colored throughout the entire mix will have a less chance of this […]

Do you have a stripper you recommend for grinding a large floor?

acrylic coating remover

Question: I’m grinding a 4400 sq fr shop with cure and seal. Do you have a coating remover you recommend to speed up the process? I’m grinding with 70 grit because I don’t want to go to rough a grit. The concrete is in great shape.   Answer: Our Citra Peel is an excellent coating remover […]