Basements are a great place to upgrade your concrete floor and not cover it with carpet or tile that can become musty and harbor mildew. Enhancing your concrete floor allows you to have an extremely cost effective, easy to clean floor.

Polish Level 1 System

#1: Level 2 Polish

Polishing your concrete use to be quite the process that involved expensive machines and tooling. We’ve learned from the big retailers on how they polish floors and brought to market our Level 2 polish system utilizing our Concrete DNA Satellite pads. These diamond pads allow you to use a low speed floor buffer available at nearly any rental store and create a polished concrete floor for typically less than $1/sqft. The great thing about polished concrete is that you utilize the natural floor and there is not a coating to ever worry about peeling from the floor. These floors are also breathable and perform extremely well in basement environments. Dyes can also be added for those that want a splash of color.

Interior Acid Stain2


Probably the most traditional method for a basement floor is staining concrete with our reactive Acid stain or our waterbased Envirostains. Our stain system utilizes great prep procedures with our DNA Satellite pad for prep. The stain creates that mottled patina effect that goes great with basement decor. We also offer top of the line, 2 component sealer options for those with pets that are concerned about possible accidents. If you want your boring concrete to have character this is a great option. Utilize the floor you already have!