Barndominiums or shed houses are seeing a huge increase in popularity. People building these homes want simple, economical and durable flooring solutions. Most all of the barndominiums are on a poured concrete slab. In colder climates radiant floor heating is installed which is a great way to heat your place. Most that build barndominiums plan on utilizing the floor they poured as their existing floor. We have a ‘top 3’ when it comes to flooring options. Here they are:


Enhancing the existing concrete by polishing the floor with our DNA diamond pads is a great option. Get a really good finish on the floor when pouring (try to avoid topical curing compounds that will need to be removed) and utilize our Level 2 polishing system . This will give your floor a natural polished look. Save some steps and have a little less sheen and perform our Level 1 system. Polished concrete has been a popular choice for not only major retailers, but our DNA pad system has made polishing concrete an option for those that don't have expensive niche equipment. Our pads can be ran on low speed buffers found at your local rental store. Most floors are done in a couple days. We call it “headphone work” because its a decent amount of standing behind a machine and watching the floor transformed as you work your way through the grits. Its a great sense of accomplishment when you get done and see how the floor evolved. The only aspect of these floors you’ll need to be aware of is that polished concrete doesn’t perform as well where there is a lot of spills and chemical attack such as the kitchen. Put down rugs to help or utilize one of our WB Urethanes here


In keeping with the natural look of the concrete and enhancing it by adding a clear coat is another great option for barndominium floors. We have both matte and gloss options. Using our Clear System for your barndominium floor can make it look fresh and new, and also add some great protection. These products aren’t just sealers. We promote 2 component products that go beyond what your typical big box store sealer could ever provide. If your going to do it, do it with a professional grade product. Our urethanes and products like Poly 90 provide excellent chemical protection to your floors and also give it a nice ‘clear’ finish. These products also have the benefit of being low voc so they won’t be full of nasty smelly odors during installation.

Interior Acid Stain2


Sometimes you want a little color in your barndominium floor. It could be that you like the patina, mottled look that an acid stain can provide or you want the transparent color from our Enviro Stain WB line of stains. Stained concrete floors are a great, low cost option for barndominiums. Your floor is already there. Utilize it and stain it. Our Stain Systems promote prepping with our DNA Satellite pads, staining, then utilizing our 2 component Super Prime as your first clear coat, then one of our water based Urethanes (gloss or matte) as the second and final clear coat. Some may say its over kill, but we’ve found that if you put just a little bit more into the floor….you get more out of it. A great system that many do for under $1/sqft in material cost.