Our Products Make You A Pro

We started Concrete Floor Supply because other supply shops seemed to be just be selling products. They had little, if any, knowledge about what they were selling, offered a limited selection and did little to help customers actually use their products. We sought to change this.

We designed Concrete Floor Supply with the thought that everyone should have access to professional products, not just a select few. We sell our professional-grade products direct to contractors, business owners, and general consumers. Not only do we provide these products, we also show people how to work with them to create stunning concrete floors, providing basic instructions and systems / packages for various applications. Problem solved! Now everyone has access to professional products.

Beyond access and information, another problem facing the industry was ready availability. Most people want products delivered directly to them instead of having to source them themselves. We ship our products right to your door or job site, and we do it quickly. Many orders go out the same day!

We didn’t just decide to start selling supplies, we have over 14 years experience in the concrete flooring industry as contractors and consultants. We feel that if more people use quality, professional-grade products they will have better experiences and get longer lives out of their concrete floors. Concrete is the second most consumed product on earth besides water – let’s
preserve and protect it!

All of our products are priced as marked on our website – no more guessing or waiting until 8am to call the supply shop and ask. We ship our products quickly and efficiently throughout the United States. We also offer international shipping on request.