What to Use For Polishing Concrete Floor Edges

Polishing Concrete Floor Edges

Polishing Concrete Floor Edges.

Question: Just finishing a custom home with concrete floors. We were considering acid stain and seal, but owners are pretty happy with the grey color. Base trim already installed. We have a low speed floor machine.

As we consider your system for polishing, we are wondering how the finish will be at the edges of the floor by the base trim using the floor machine and your pads. Will we need to polish with another tool to get at edges?

Answer: You can use our U-Polish-it system if they want to keep the floor they have. It will enrich the floor itself.

These pads are ran on your low speed machine. The edges blend pretty well on new concrete. It would be best if the trim is off.

In addition, quarter round may be needed if deemed necessary. Also, a lot of our customers run our economy pads and triangular pads for polishing concrete floor edges and corners. Our economy pads are value priced tools that allows you to do edge work without breaking the bank.

Watch this quick video as we explain our easy to use, U Polish It concrete system.

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